Mitate Zepto Technica is now developing following products

World’s first Genome Analysis dedicated Processor “RASEN”

28nm technology-powered Processor “RASEN” dedicated to Genome Analysis.
Integrated 512 cores of the processing elements are activated for massively parallel computing.
Custom ASIC brings by far faster-processing speed than conventional FPGA devices at low power and low cost.

Genome Analysis Accelerator Board

PCIe Accelerator Board with 16-chip of “RASEN” processors.
A board has a total of 8,192 computing cores.
The existing Genome Analysis Server can be upgraded by attaching this Board product and enjoy eventually speed-up.

World’s Fastest Genome Analysis Computer

Genome Analysis Computer, equipped with five Accelerator Boards on a Data-Center grade Linux server. All necessary items including softwares are integrated. High-speed processing can be started immediately with Next-gen. Sequencer.
The world’s highest performance system, completing analysis in less than 5 min., compared to several hours with conventional systems.