“Selected for Weekly Toyo Keizai’s ‘Amazing Ventures 100’ 2023 Latest Edition”


Mitate Zepto Technica was featured in the computing category of the “Amazing Ventures 100, 2023 Latest Edition” in the Weekly Toyo Keizai issue released on September 11th, which was a combined issue for September 16th and 23rd.

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About Weekly Toyo Keizai
The oldest existing weekly magazine in Japan, founded in 1895. It is one of the world’s leading economic magazines, following Britain’s “The Economist” in its historical significance.

About “Amazing Ventures 100”
Each year, Weekly Toyo Keizai selects 100 promising ventures targeting unicorn status (unlisted companies less than 10 years old valued at over 1 billion dollars) based on criteria such as the amount of funds raised, business uniqueness, and technological innovation. It features an original analysis of each company’s business model and characteristics.